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  • Posted on August 10, 2018
  • Trading and investments are ways of making your money work for you. You could have a lot of money in the bank but its value today will not be the same tomorrow considering the inflation rate. Which is why it is important to think of ways to safeguard your hard-earned money and protect it from inflation. Many people are not starting to realize the importance of trading as well as other forms of investments. The thing is that if you want to maximize the benefits of trading and investment, then you should first know its ins and outs. If you come unprepared, you could end up losing all your hard-earned money.

    Learning the foundation of trading and investment can be done if you attend a trading seminar/event, especially an intensive trading program taught by some of the best people in the business. It is best if you have a one-on-one coaching so that you can understand the different ways of investing your money. You can put it in the stocks, bonds, futures, commodities, foreign exchange, among many others. One of the best people to help you learn how to invest wisely is Kai Whitney.

    Who is Kai Whitney?

    Kai Whitney is a man who is an expert in trading and other forms of investment. After earning his BA degree in 1994 from the University of California, he immediately began his Wall Street Career. He worked for various reputable financial institutions such as Phase II Capital, Swiss Banks, UBS, and Bear Stearns, to name a few. His primary work is to offer trade services and financial advice including ways of hedging funds, managing of large corporate accounts, and pensions. During his time at Bear Stearns, Kai became influential to the extent that some of the largest accounts of the company were entrusted to him. He handled multibillion-dollar private equity fund including the accounts of United Airlines, Pathway Capital, and Los Angeles Teachers Retirement Fund.

    Kai Whitney built his own company, the Redbridge Capital Consulting, which is a trading research, consulting, and mentoring Service Company. Together with his team, they help people who want to take a better control of their financial investments. They help people in hedging funds, portfolio monitoring, maintain liquidity, and build businesses. Since he built his company, he was able to help a lot of people in managing investments wisely. 

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